“Der Papst ist nicht Herr des Erdkreises” Reading course: Francisco de Vitoria: “Erste Relectio über die kirchliche Gewalt”

Start: 27.03.2017
End: 30.03.2017
Organisation: Christiane Birr, José Luis Egío, Andreas Wagner
Location: Max Planck Institute for European Legal History

The course allows young researchers and advanced students to become familiar with Francisco de Vitoria, who figures prominently in the so-called School of Salamanca and as an important theorists of a modern political philosophy, and with his position in the highly controversial debate about the relation between ecclesiastical and secular power. Central passage of his relectio will be read together during the course, so that the participants will also gather practical experience in handling a complex text following the rules of Early Modern scholasticism. Working language will be German.


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