(English) Book publication: Conceptos, autores, instituciones. Revisión crítica de la investigación reciente sobre la Escuela de Salamanca (2008-19) y bibliografía multidisciplinar

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Last April, Conceptos, autores, instituciones, authored by Alejandra Ramírez Santos and José Luis Egío was published by Dykinson Editors in Madrid. The book offers a panorama on the research on the School of Salamanca carried out in the last decade. In this period a great renewal of research methods took place, together with the growing interest of various disciplines in Salamanca’s scholasticism, its internationalization as a field of study and the launching of various research projects and initiatives of publication of important scholastic sources aimed at broadening previous research perspectives, until recently very focused on the study of natural law, the law of nations and some theological and metaphysical themes. Ramírez’s and Egío’s critical review of the recent research on the School of Salamanca takes its main conclusions from a wide bibliography of 2.176 academic writings having being published between 2008 and 2019. These writings are ordered according to an exhaustive list of thematic descriptors, which make it easy to locate the publications dedicated to a certain author of the School of Salamanca, concept, research topic or institution (mendicant orders, Universities, …).

One of the goals of this conceptual and multidisciplinary bibliography on the School of Salamanca was to identify which early modern concepts are currently being studied and which scholars have focused on a certain concept in recent work. The bibliography could therefore serve as a useful tool both for making the final selection of concepts to be included in the future Dictionary of the juridical-political language of the School of Salamanca, and for identifying potential authors for its entries.

Although most of the concepts used as descriptors are of philosophical-political and historical-legal character, the bibliography offers conceptually and institutionally ordered references related to disciplines such as book history, history of universities, natural philosophy or epistemology, in what is intended to be a faithful image of the current multidisciplinary interest on Salamanca scholasticism. The book is available as Open Access publication at https://e-archivo.uc3m.es/handle/10016/30100


  • Andreas Wagner ist Philosoph und Berater für Digital Humanities. Er arbeitet seit 2013 für das Projekt "Die Schule von Salamanca" und beginnend im Januar 2017 für das Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte in Frankfurt.

    http://www.salamanca.adwmainz.de/projektbeteiligte/projektmitarbeitende.html andreas.wagner@em.uni-frankfurt.de Wagner Andreas

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